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  • Relationship Counseling

    How Do You Know When a Relationship Is Not Right for You?

    Are you trying to decide whether to stay in a relationship with your partner or significant other? Weeks, months, even years can go by while you wonder if you are with the right person.

    It is important to slow down and pay attention to how you are feeling. Doing so makes it easier to evaluate your relationship.

    Often it can be helpful to ask yourself some of the following questions:

    When I am with my partner or significant other…

    • Do I feel energized or drained? This is a good indicator of whether or not this is a healthy relationship for you.
    • Am I growing emotionally as a result of being with this person? Or has this part of my life begun to stagnate?
    • Do I feel good about myself? Or do they bring out the worst in me?
    • Am I able to be myself? Or am I trying to be someone I think they want me to be?
    • Is my partner/SO growing? Am I enhancing their life?
    • Do we have fun together? Or do we argue and fight so much that there is no time for anything else?
    • Do I feel genuine love, friendship, and respect for my partner/SO? Or am I staying in the relationship because I am afraid that if I don’t settle, I won’t find anyone else and I will be alone?

    These are all tough questions. It can be useful to discuss your concerns with a therapist or counselor and learn ways to enhance your relationship such as assertive communication, conflict resolution skills, or mindfulness practices. 

    I can help you identify your own needs in a relationship and your personal values. Together we can evaluate how well your needs are being met in your current relationship. Or perhaps you would like help discovering what to look for in a new relationship that is healthy, loving, and respectful.

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