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Building Your Resilience (Part 4 of 4)

Build Your Resilience (Part 4 of 4) Focus on Mental Wellness Adjust Your Thought Process: It’s difficult to maintain an optimistic outlook when the future feels so uncertain, but positive thinking will help you focus on hope and visualize better times ahead. When you feel flooded with negative thoughts, own them. When you say your thoughts out loud and talk...[ read more ]

Fall Arrives

Building Your Resilience (Part 3 of 4)

Build Your Resilience (Part 3 of 4) Learn Coping Skills Develop coping skills during COVID-19 is something everyone can do to help us better adapt to the emotional ups and downs we are experiencing. Here are some helpful coping strategies. Deep Breathing: Deep breathing can reduce stress by calming the central nervous system. Stress and anxiety will alter breathing patterns...[ read more ]

Build Your Resilience (Part 2 of 4)

Build Your Resilience (Part 2 of 4) Focus on Physical Wellness Physical wellness plays an important role in building resilience.  Stress can weaken your immune system making you more susceptible to illness. This can negatively affect your emotional state causing you to feel overwhelmed, worried and hopeless. Start with the basics of routine self-care: Prioritize Sleep: According to the National...[ read more ]

Building Your Resilience (Part 1 of 4)

Build Your Resilience (Part 1 of 4) As isolation and disruption to normal daily routines continues during this pandemic, you can expect shifting emotions, feelings of irritability, frustration, disconnection and other signs of stress and anxiety. There is no easy way through this, but building coping skills and resilience will help you manage the emotional upheaval triggered by COVID-19. What...[ read more ]

The Power of Hope (During a Pandemic)

The information in this blog post came in whole or in part from a blog by Golareh Safarian, Mindfulness Coach, Founder at The Healing Salon and from Positive Psychology’s website.  Both websites are listed at the end of this blog. I wish to give full credit to the authors. The Power of Hope (During a Pandemic) What is hope? The...[ read more ]

Journaling to Cope with COVID-19

How Journaling Can Help You Cope with COVID-19 Journaling is often used to enhance mental health and wellbeing. Creating a written narration of your thoughts, experiences, and feelings provides you with an opportunity to reflect on internal feelings/reactions and make them more tangible. Worrying takes up valuable cognitive resources. People who struggle with worry are constantly multitasking — they are...[ read more ]

Spring Walk – Reflections

Tips for Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety

We are all feeling more anxious about the coronavirus these days. Its on the news 24/7. I was out shopping today and people at my local grocery store, Target and Home Depot were looking for the same items I was…antibacterial soap or wipes or spray. ANYTHING antibacterial… but I guess we waited too long, none to be found anywhere. I...[ read more ]

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