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The Power of Hope (During a Pandemic)

The information in this blog post came in whole or in part from a blog by Golareh Safarian, Mindfulness Coach, Founder at The Healing Salon and from Positive Psychology’s website.  Both websites are listed at the end of this blog. I wish to give full credit to the authors. The Power of Hope (During a Pandemic) What is hope? The...[ read more ]

Journaling to Cope with COVID-19

How Journaling Can Help You Cope with COVID-19 Journaling is often used to enhance mental health and wellbeing. Creating a written narration of your thoughts, experiences, and feelings provides you with an opportunity to reflect on internal feelings/reactions and make them more tangible. Worrying takes up valuable cognitive resources. People who struggle with worry are constantly multitasking — they are...[ read more ]

Spring Walk – Reflections

Tips for Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety

We are all feeling more anxious about the coronavirus these days. Its on the news 24/7. I was out shopping today and people at my local grocery store, Target and Home Depot were looking for the same items I was…antibacterial soap or wipes or spray. ANYTHING antibacterial… but I guess we waited too long, none to be found anywhere. I...[ read more ]

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