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  • Building Your Resilience (Part 4 of 4)

    Build Your Resilience (Part 4 of 4)

    Focus on Mental Wellness

    • Adjust Your Thought Process: It’s difficult to maintain an optimistic outlook when the future feels so uncertain, but positive thinking will help you focus on hope and visualize better times ahead. When you feel flooded with negative thoughts, own them. When you say your thoughts out loud and talk through them, they lose their power. Try the exercise below:

    a) State your negative thought, b) think about where it stems from, then c) offer three positive alternative thoughts to challenge the negative. Repeat this practice whenever you find yourself stuck in negative thinking. The negative tends to lose strength and the positive becomes more powerful!

    • Remain Mentally Active: In addition to daily exercise, do fun or mentally stimulating activities to enrich your mind and spirit. Play an online game with friends or family, work on a puzzle, spend time gardening, read a book for pure enjoyment, try new recipes, or learn a new hobby or skill.

    You can take small steps each day to build your resilience to help you through this pandemic, as well as any future adversity.


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