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  • Losing the Quarantine 15

    You’ve heard of the “Freshman 15” but what about the “Quarantine 15?” There’s nothing like a global pandemic to help a person pack on the pounds, am I right?

    It’s hardly been easy for any of us to keep up with our healthy habits over the last few months. To start, dealing with so much stress and anxiety has caused many of us to reach for our favorite comfort foods. It’s hard to eat a salad when you’re worried about losing your job or a loved one’s health.

    There have actually been studies that found junk foods actually release dopamine in the brain, and this chemical makes us feel happy. So eating salads when you can’t visit loved ones and you are worried isn’t all that rewarding. But those cookies and that ice cream, now THOSE make us feel good at the moment!

    Second, with gyms, beaches and public parks closed, it’s been very hard for most people to stick to their workout routines. So we find ourselves isolated, sitting in front of our televisions, binging on Netflix and copious amounts of carbohydrates.

    Without question, the Coronavirus has created the perfect storm for many of us to pack on the pounds. But now with things slowing down and the country (and world) slowly opening back up, it’s time we focus on losing that weight and putting our physical health back at the top of our priority list.


    Here are some tips on losing the Quarantine 15:


    Walking is such an underrated exercise. It’s low impact and the perfect way for you to burn fat. If you have a dog, walk them! Grab your family members and go for a walk around the neighborhood. You don’t need a gym or fancy piece of equipment to walk, just a comfy pair of sneakers.

    Stay Hydrated

    Getting enough water each day helps to boost our metabolism. If you’re not a fan of drinking water, then opt for juicing fruits and veggies, which will help you stay hydrated. Just be sure not to drink a lot of sweet fruit juices- try and stick to green veggie juices with maybe an apple thrown in for sweetness. Watermelon and cucumbers are great to juice.

    Watch the Booze

    Talk about empty calories. Many of us have taken to having a glass or two of wine or spirits each night as a way to cope, but all of those calories add up. Try and limit your alcohol consumption.

    Eat More Protein

    Protein helps us to feel fuller longer and also decreases the hormone that causes our appetite to surge. Protein also helps us to build lean muscle and the more muscle our body has, the more calories we burn, even while at rest!

    Get Plenty of Sleep

    Getting plenty of quality rest can be hard for many of us during the best of circumstances, but it can feel next to impossible during a pandemic. But it’s really important because, without rest, you won’t have the energy to get up and get moving. And without proper sleep, your body can’t heal and repair itself!


    This has been an incredibly stressful time for everyone, and if you’ve put on some weight, you are definitely not alone. But the time has come to regroup and focus on getting healthy. Following these tips should help you regroup and lose the Quarantine 15.



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