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  • Work and Career Issues

    Job stress can take many forms and come from a variety of sources. Conflicts with your boss, coworkers, or customers are major causes of stress on the job. Often, these major sources of stress can lead to job burnout and health problems. Job stress can also carry over into your personal and family life.

    Here are some common sources of major job stress:

    • Lack of control: Feeling as if you have little or no control over your work or job duties is the #1 cause of job stress.
    • Increased responsibility: Taking on extra duties in your job is stressful. You can feel increased stress if you have too much work to do and you believe you can't say no to new tasks.
    • Job satisfaction and performance: Do you take pride in your job? If your job isn't meaningful, you may find it stressful. Are you worried about doing well at work? Feeling insecure about job performance is a major source of stress for many people.
    • Uncertainty about work roles: Being unsure about your duties, how your job might be changing, or the goals or future direction of your department or company can lead to stress. If you report to more than one supervisor, juggling the demands of different managers can also be stressful.
    • Poor communication: Tension on the job often comes from poor communication. Being unable to talk about your needs, concerns, and frustrations can create stress.
    • Lack of support: Lack of support from your supervisor or coworkers makes it harder to solve other problems at work that are causing stress for you. Feelings of isolation compound stress.
    • Poor working conditions: Unpleasant or dangerous physical conditions, such as crowding, noise, or ergonomic problems, can cause stress.

    How to Reduce Job Stress

    Think about the kinds of events that trigger stress for you at work. Focus attention on one or two things you can do that will help the most to reduce your stress. You can reduce some job stress by learning how to manage your time and reorganizing your job duties. Other helpful steps include adding exercise to your daily routine, learning meditation, or other stress management skills.

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